'Macbeth' at the Hackney Empire

It's been an amazing experience working with Hackney Empire on 'Macbeth'. I truly enjoyed the whole process working with such a talented cast of actors, singers, dancers and musicians. They gave a brilliant performance on stage and words couldn't describe how proud I am of their achievements.

A special thanks to Susie McKenna, all the creative team involved in 'Macbeth' and Hackney Empire.


'Hosea's Girl' Showcase Pictures

Working on this project was such an amazing experience as a choreographer. I enjoyed the research and development stage and the actual showcase performance at Talawa Theatre Company was absolutely amazing. It was a great privilege to work with such a talented cast.

I look forward to the next stage...

'Hosea's Girl' Showcase on Friday 19th June 2015

In Rehearsals and process.....

HOSEA'S GIRL written and directed by Anastasia Osei-Kuffour and choreographed by Leroy Fx Dos Santos is a new spoken word and streetdance play being developed with the support of Talawa Theatre Company.

'I'm cryin...because I've never felt this way before, you move the ground from underneath my feet, earthquake shakin all parts of me, rearrangin the broken parts of my heart.
Suddenly you’re pulled away, we're apart, and I'm reachin out to you but I can't see you anymore, cloud after cloud after black cloud enters our perfect sky,..'

Hosea's Girl is about love, the choices we make in the pursuit of love, our insecurities, weaknesses and fears that can stop us making the right choices and can lead to unfortunate consequences. Lyndsey's a young woman who's had a string of broken relationships, Hosea is drawn to her and hopes to make a difference but Lyndsey's still figuring out what she wants.

This showcase performance happening on Friday 19 June 2015 is the first step in getting Hosea's Girl to full production. There will be various industry professionals at this performance and we hope to show them the play and invite them to support us in getting it to a full production at a theatre with a 3/4 week run.

There are limited tickets to the showcase performance so if you want to come you need to book early.

Pictures of 'In My Box' rehearsals...

So here are a few pictures of my rehearsals at Middlesex University (Hendon Campus) working with the 1st years on the dance performance program.

The whole performance was amazing and I was very happy with the final outcome. The dancers did a brilliant job!!!

Go MDX!!!

Look out for the footage soon...

A great week at Hackney Empire!!!

It was such a blessing working at The Hackney Empire. I loved every moment of the sharing as the students worked really hard and in the end they shined through their performance.

This experience was very rewarding as I was able to inspire, motivate and lead aspiring dancers to be the best they can be. 


My Street Dance Workshop At Hackney Empire 16.02.15

I am really looking forward to teaching at Hackney Empire this week over half term. This week will be about learning, sharing and inspiring each other through dance. We'll be looking at some Popping, Hip Hop choreography and self exploration through dance.


My new piece with Middlesex Univeristy

It's been such a great pleasure working with the 1st years at Middlesex University (Hendon Campus). Our first week of intensive rehearsals ended on a great note and now I can't wait to develop the piece further. I am definitely looking forward to the next few rehearsals. #Excited #Newworks #Choreography #MiddlesexUni 

A new path.....

This week has been one of the most exciting weeks of my career as well as one of the most challenging weeks of my career. 

Not only have I recently become a lecturer at Middlesex University teaching choreography but I have also started a new mentoring role with an organisation helping young youths in senior school with difficult backgrounds.

The dynamics in both roles have really challenged but inspired me in so many ways. A very rewarding week and I feel very blessed and privileged to be undertaking these new opportunities.